He had an early passion for crossing frontiers; he celebrated his first birthday in Paris, with his family. There, when he was eight years old, he was awarded with the first price in a flamenco festival organized by the Spanish consulate, in the Bataclan hall with the name of LOLITO.


Nevertheless, it is back in Madrid where he has his first experience with record companies:LOS GOLFOS (The little devils). Together with his younger brother, he obtains massive success and starts to establish trends. Indeed, the main sentence in the lyrics of their single, “¡Qué pasa contigo tío!” (“What’s up with you, guy!”) (RCA, 1976) became a popular expression at that time.


Manuel Malou, Excellent unconformist, did not get trapped by this easy success and began to explore other musical worlds, creating, in 1978, always jointly with his brother, the pop duo MANOLO Y JORGE (RCA, 1978), which split up after two years due to their wish of living individually new adventures in the musical universe. Nevertheless, their pathways intersected each other many times during their different trajectories.

During this long journey, his insatiable interest on music made Manuel Malou to lead different musical bands, explore different rhythms, collaborate with a broad range of artists, and work in different areas of the musical world, inside and outside the stage.






LOS GOLFOS “¿Qué pasa contigo tío? (What’s up with you, guy?) (RCA, 1976).


MANOLO Y JORGE “Manolo y Jorge” (RCA, 1978).


PLÁSTICO “Nieva & Mil espejos” (RCA, 1980). New Wave tendency


TOREROS After Olé (Bullfighters) “After Olé” (Nuevos Medios, 1983).


MANUEL MALOU “Extraños Seres” (Extrange beings) (Polydor France, 1990).

This is his re-union with flamenco, but a different flamenco, fusion flamenco. With this record he shares posters with the best artists

of World Music at the time, such as PAPA WEMBA and KALED in the Womad Festival of Reading (UK), in Ronnie Scott’s (London), Nyon festival (Switzerland), as well as tours around Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Canada.


MANUEL MALOU “Corazón Caliente” (Hot hearth) (WEA, 1993).

At that time, fusion is not a trend but something inseparable from his artistic approaches.


MANUEL MALOU "Mixa cooltura" (BMG Ariola, 1997).

This record will be a compulsory reference when, in the future, people try to explain the fusion and crossbreeding movement at the end of the XX century. Together with LA FURA DELS BAUS, he performed this record at the inaugural show of the 1st edition of the Music Awards PREMIOS DE LA MÚSICA.


BUMBA RUMBA “Electrorock&Rumba” (Mixa Cooltura Records, 2004).


EL TIO MANUEL y los sobrinos " Todo por la rumba" (Papi Records, 2011).


EL TIO MANUEL MALOU " Todo por la rumba" french edition (Papi Records, 2012).


MANUEL MALOU " Arranca y Vamonos " (Papi Records, 2014).






GAZON MAUDIT (Damned Doormat) by Josiane balasko (Virgin, 1995).


TAXI by Carlos saura 1996. (Tus labios) There is no record of this soundtrack.


LA DUQUESA ROJA (The red Duchess) by Paco Betriu (Ariola, 1997).


TORRENTE el brazo tonto de la ley (Torrente, Law’s stupid wing) by Santiago Segura (RCA, 1999).


FUGITIVAS (Fugitives) by Miguel Hermoso (Ariola, 2000). He writes and produces the main theme of the movie (“fugitivas”).


Manuel Malou was awarded with the “best movie theme GOYA ” in 2001 for this theme.


YO INVENTÉ UNOS LLOPIS Documentary by Carlos Pazos (2012).


H'ARTISSIMO Documentary by Carlos Pazos (2016).






PANAME TROPICAL “Aux indiens du quartier” (To the Indians of the barracks) (RDC Records, 1995).


LOS DEL RÍO “Colores” (Colors) (BMG Zafiro, 1997).


HAKIM “Como suena” (The way it sounds) (Epic, 1998).


JOSÉ EL FRANCES “Alma” (Soul) (BMG Ariola, 1999).


HAKIM “El volcán de tus deseos” (Volcano of your wishes) (Epic, 2000).


CARLOS di CANY " Escrito sobre el asfalto " ( Writing on the asphalt ) (City Rock Music, 2000).


PERET “El Rey de la Rumba” (King of Rumba) (Chewaka, 2000). Theme “Amor a todo gas” (Full throttle love).


EL FARY “Ese Fary” (Muxxic, 2002).


CHOPO “Gipsy, Rock and Lover” (Chitón & Mixa Cooltura Records, 2002).


JAVI CANTERO “Tracalcatraca” (Muxxic Records, 2003).


ANDY & LUCAS “Andy&Lucas” (BMG Music Spain, 2003. “El ritmo de María” (Maria´s rhythm)


LOS AMAYA Tributo a los amaya” (Tribute to The Amaya), “Vete y Caramelos” (Go away and candies) (Muxxic Records, 2005).






TOKIKO KATO (Japan) “Cypango” (Sony Music, 1991). Music of “Guitarrista” (Guitar player).


DAVID KOVEN “David Koven” (Polydor, 1991). Lyrics of “A gozar mi montuno” Produced by “RAY BARRETO”.


XAVIER JOUVELET “L’indigène” (Mad Minute Music, 1991). Lyrics of “Linda Flor” (Pretty flower).


MOTHERSAY “Black Boards” (Comotion Music, 1991). Voice and guitar in “Yaleo”.


MAXIME LE FORESTIER . They share stage in the OLYMPIA (Paris, 1992) + Length tour in France ,Belgium ,Swiss & Canada.


CHEROKEE “Caballo Loco” (Crazy horse) (Epic, 1994). rumba guitars.


NIÑA PASTORI “Eres Luz” (You are light) (BMG Ariola, 1998). Lyrics and music of “Morao”.


JOSÉ ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ “Manhatan de la Frontera” (Discos de arte BMG, 1999). Lyrics and music of “Tiata mía”.


CARLOS NUÑEZ “Os amores libres” (Free love) (BMG Ariola, 1999). Lyrics and music of “A orillas del río Sil” (On the shore of Sil river), performed by CARMEN LINARES.


ELENA ANDUJAR “Elena Andujar” (Alias discos, 1999). Guitars in “Perdí la voz” (I lost my voice).


ORISHAS “A lo cubano” (In the Cuban way) (Crysalis, 2000). He made Remix of “”.


JAVI CANTERO “Javi Cantero” (Muxxic Records, 2001). Lyrics and music of “La llave” (The key).


MANU CHAO “Próxima estación Esperanza” (Next stop Hope) (Virgin, 2001). Remix of “La chinita” (The Chinese girl).


MARIA ISABEL " Pues va a ser que no " Composition (Vale Music, 2005).


At the end of 2005, he decided to left again in order to have some time for relax and thinking, settling down in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, where he quickly gets inspiration to compose, produce and record again, in his new studio and record label " PAPI RECORDS ".


ISAAC LLAMAS “quiero ser presidente” (I want to be president) (Papi records, 2006).


ZONE PEREKE “Cofre de sorpresas” (Chest of surprises) (Papi records, 2007).


JUSTO VALDÉS “Champeta zucu” (Papi records, 2007).


HERMANOS VILLALBA “pa toda la vida” (For the whole life) (Papi records, 2007).


PANDEPABLO “Para mi” (For me) (Papi records, 2008).


In 2010 it returns to Madrid where a new album records "Todo por la rumba" (Papi records, 2011) presents it in Spain and after a series of concerts with his musicians whom it is called The nephews " "the album edits in 2012" Todo por la rumba" in France and one installs again in ParisWhere it gives concerts in group as in solitarily. There has just finished the recording of his new album "Arranca Vamonos " (Papi Récords, 2014). Album was edited in Spain in September 2015.

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